Brook Road Culvert Replacement


darrell and mike

Darrell Mathews & Son Excavating with Road Foreman Mike Nolan

Since the devastating flood of late May 2011 the town of Plainfield has been concerned about a failing culvert being a threat to the structural integrity of Brook Road.

run out from brookupper road culvert

View of the eroding bank. The massive amounts of water were causing a huge gully next to Brook Road.  The top view of the culvert is directly next to Brook Road.

The damage was not visible from Brook Road itself. It was located towards the village of Plainfield directly down from where Upper Road intersects with Brook Road.


The town has been monitoring the situation while seeking assistants from the State. This past year we secured the funding and retained Darrell Mathews & Son Excavating to do the work.


The bulk of the work was completed last week and finished on Thursday August 8th. The road was only closed for a brief period for one day. There was minimal disruption to the morning commute.


There will be some guardrails installed in the coming weeks as the line of trees have been cleared to secure the river bank.




Thanks to Shauna Clifford from the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Patrick Ross from the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. The Plainfield Selectboard, the Plainfield Road Crew and Darrell Mathews & Son Excavation.

culvert from left side brook

View of the new culvert and the Great Brook

two old culverts

The old culverts being removed


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