overhead bw shot state police and sheriff at table

Left to right: Officer Pouloit, Sgt. Partin, Lt. Nally of VT State Police and Lt. Bret Meyer, Washington County Sheriff’s Department

On Wednesday Oct. 18 a safety forum, sponsored by the Plainfield Selectboard, was held at the Town Hall Opera House. The speakers were representatives of the Vermont State Police in addition to Lt. Brett Meyer of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.


audience from above safety forum

Below are 39 links to various topics discussed at the meeting. Scroll down to see all links. It takes time for video to load, be patient.


1.Titles/Agenda, meeting called to order
2.Explanation of origins of meeting
3.Lt. Nally of VT State Police begins Meeting
4.Sgt. Partin Gives Overview of System,TEAM Problem Solving
5.Q&A, State Police and Sheriff’s Dept, Coordination between Police Agencies 
6.Question about Response Protocols, Incident in Plainfield as example 

7.Lt. Meyer of Washing County Sheriff’s Department, Explaining Dispatch Procedures

8.Lt. Nally of VT State Police, Details of Approach 

9.Lt. Nally, Importance of Team Work

k cu in crowd safety forum

Constable Kathleen Hayes

10.What incidents appear in Statistical Data, what is counted?

11.Question about Dispatch
12.Question about response to burglary

13.State Police, WCS Public Meetings way to improve procedures

14.Follow up on Statistics

15.Questions – how to report suspicious vehicle and how to direct more resources at police
16.Officer Pouliot of VSP: what to report and getting results

17.what are priorities, using social media

18.When to call police? How suspicious? What is normal activity?

19.Dispatch, Use of 911
20.Number of Patrols by Sheriff in Plainfield

21.Citizens using surveillance cameras
22.Plainfield Selectboard Actions Taken,,Another Stakeholder Meeting

23.Coordinating Constable with VSP & WCS, Details on Reporting

24.Reporting – Constable, use of 911

25.Neighborhood Watch
26.Plainfield Neighborhood Watch, Organization, Priorities

27.Sgt. Partin on Cabot, Local Stakeholders take action

28.Sexual Harassment, Stalking, when to report

29.Drunk Driving
30.Workshop on reporting crime

31.Green up day refuse might tell Location of drinking, drugging spots
32.Overview of Plainfield crime, what is biggest problem?

33.Criminal Justice System, problems

34.Sgt. Partin – The Drug Trap, Good People turning to crime

35.Balancing Policing with Rights, Use of Bail, Safety of Community
36.Emergency Management Coordinator: What to include in Mailing on contacting police?

37.Speeding, New Approach to Patrolling?

38.Lt. Nally: This is the STARTING POINT

39.SB member summarizes, Constable will be working closely with VSP & WCS

cu hat safety forum

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