A land exchange took place in 2006 and created the present day Plainfield Town Forest. The process Plainfield’s former 22-acre town forest in Calais was exchanged for a 28-acre property that stretches from the end of Gonyeau Road to the end of Maxfield Road. The selectboard felt that there was an advantage to having a town forest in Plainfield that people could visit, rather than one located in another town where almost no one knew of its existence, and put this item on the warning for Town Meeting in 2006. Town residents agreed with them, and voted nearly unanimously to approve the exchange after extensive discussion by those present.


pointing out mountains town forrest

After acquiring the new land, the selectboard tasked the Conservation Commission with creating a management plan; this was done by former commission member Allen Clark and approved by the selectboard in 2011 after a public hearing.* Listed among the proposed uses are passive recreation (e.g. bird watching, walking, snow shoeing), and a local demonstration project on land management and forestry (with signage, occasional guided tours, invasive and native plant management, etc.).

walking on trail town forrest.jpg

The Selectboard authorized some modifications to the landscape to aid accessibility.  The trailhead project calls for a modest amount of parking at both road ends: up to 4 vehicles at the Maxfield road trailhead and 6-8 vehicles on Gonyeau Rd. The idea behind the trailheads is to make the town forest a more inviting place for town residents to visit and enjoy. It is also hoped that these improvements will discourage vandalism and loitering.

stump shot blue.jpg

*Both the silviculture plan and the Town Forest Management Plan are available at the town office—or I can email them to anyone who contacts me; I’ll try to post the map to the Facebook page.


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