The Plainfield Vermont Song


The Plainfield, Vermont Song.

First Performed on Old Homes Days, September 6, 2014

By Ben Koenig


Plainfield, Vermont, is not too plain to me;

Plainfield, Vermont, there’s lots to do and see.

Climb up Spruce, watch a moose,

Fish the Winooski.

That’s why Plainfield is not too plain to me.

Plainfield is not too plain to me.


Some of us were born right here in Plainfield,

Some of us have come from far away,

  But all of us are living here in Plainfield,

It’s a place people choose to come and stay.

We’ve got pizza and a college and a co-op.

And a health center, fields and farms and friends;

And now that our Opera House is open again,

The music and the songs will never end….  (chorus)


March means we’ll meet for our Town Meeting;

We’ve been doing so for two hundred years.

We all sit with our neighbors at the meeting

And we laugh, shout and sometimes we shed tears.

You’ll see brave volunteers from Fire and Rescue,

And a woman who became a Select-Man;

We vote libraries and roads (or we vote to save the toads),

But we blame the Selectmen when we can…. (chorus)


In Winter we shovel out our driveways,

In Summer our Farmers Market thrives,

In Spring all the mud’s back in our driveways,

But in Fall the gorgeous leaves enrich our lives.

We have visitors admiring our life style

And our maple syrup taste inspires awe;

We’ve got antiques being sold, and if the truth be told,

We’ve also got a great book-store…. (chorus)


If you’re looking for a lawyer or a tree farm

Or a motel or a B & B for sleep;

If a locally supported radio station turns you on,

Or you fall in love with horses, cows or sheep.

If you need some yarns for knitting, or for tall tales,

Or you need to pick some berries you might want,

You no longer have to frown, come and join us in our town,

We’re the best-kept secret in Central Vermont… (chorus)


One thought on “The Plainfield Vermont Song

  1. I just love everything I’ve seen and read because I was unable to attend the Plainfield Home Days. Photos were great and Ben, you have done a great job.



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